“But there is this great difference between the chemical commercial dyes and the traditional dyes – that with the commercial dyes it is very easy to produce ugly colors, the beautiful colour is rare; but with traditional dyes it is difficult to make an ugly colour, and good colour is the rule.” Ethel Mariet. 1916. Author- Vegetable Dyes.

Lana Plantae naturally dyed yarns and dye house, is a well established alpaca and farm in Maine with a herd of about 50 animals. Our focus, obsession and passion is  our very fine  wool colored with natural dyes. We grow many plants on the farm and also responsibly harvest from nature. Our animals are white and extremely soft which provides us the palette on which to use natural, non- petroleum based  dyes. The color of nature is magnificent and varied. Plant genetics, sun, rain, soil conditions, and temperatures all play a vital role in color outcomes. The color possibilities in nature are endless. On our farm we handle all the duties ourselves. The care and husbandry of the alpacas, the shearing and sorting of fiber. Much of the wool goes on to a  mill for spinning in to yarn, but some is retained for washing, carding, and spinning by hand. All the natural dye work is done on the farm and many hand crafted products are made. There is an increased interest in buying local foods and knowing where your food comes from. We want to encourage people to apply that same  interest to their apparel. Think about where your clothing comes from and buy from a fiber farm.  Natural fiber garments are long lived and don’t create more waste destined for the land fill. Purchase yarn to make your own clothing! To take that a step further we dye our wool only with plants and insects. Chemically produced dyes are derived from coal tar and manufactured in factories that pollute air and water. LANA PLANTAE– Latin for wool and the plant kingdom. Our unique line of soft, colorful alpaca done naturally. We are located in southern Maine not far from the beautiful coastline. Come visit. 377