Indigo Dye Work

Indigo Dye Work


Organic fruit vat ready for dyeing.


Yarn drying after 2-3 dips.


Ready for knitting!


Indigo and Marigold dyed yarn.



Cold Morning On The Farm


Plant dyed yarn for winter knitting!


Lots of dyeing done, lots more to go. The goods news is plenty of naturally dyed alpaca yarns on the way. Here are some yarns dyed with our last of the season marigolds and responsibly harvested logwood. More fleeces being skirted for milling. We are sourcing alpaca and sheeps wool from other local farms to meet the demand. A fleece or two will be processed by hand, so there will be some handspun yarn available. Can’t process much by hand, it would be impossible to keep up! Thanks for all of your support!


More yarn on the way!


Over 100 skeins have been mordanted. Still using marigolds from the garden! By next week we will have lots of colors to choose from.