On Local Yarn Shop Day Buy Local Yarn.

Today is local yarn shop day! How about checking out local yarns when you visit your LYS.

Most local yarns are produced by small farms. Yarn sales help small farms survive. Selling just raw fleeces cannot generate enough income to even care for animals for a year. Hay, grain, medical care and husbandry supplies, maintenance of field and barn, and shearing add up. I recently came upon a social media post somewhere by a yarn company stating they knew exactly how much the farmers whose wool they purchase make. I have had this stuck in my head for days. I don’t even recall exactly where I read it. It doesn’t matter where I read it. It is simply not true. If a farmer is selling raw wool in bulk they are doing so at a loss! Even selling hand spinning fleeces at 20-30 dollars a pound cannot recoup all of the expense. Small fiber farmers know their animals well and care for them appropriately. Their wools are carefully sorted by the hands of someone who knows how to evaluate a fleece and ensure it is put to the correct use.

So please, on local yarn shop day seek out the yarns produced by your local farms. You will get a special yarn created with hard work, love and knowledge.


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