Knit Through This

I had the great good fortune of growing up in a beautiful little beach town. A town that has always had a gay population. I also had the great good fortune of having parents for whom this did not matter. They did not have gay friends but friends. It is inconceivable to me that there are mothers, fathers, friends and family yet again suffering an unspeakable grief.  Guns need to be controlled and so do the mouths of politicians that use divisive language for political gain and ego gratification..

I worked on a knitting project last night but could not concentrate. Today I queued up a big Spotify playlist and this beautiful song by Bob Marley and the Wailers commenced. It was the perfect moment for this song. It is a reminder as to how much I appreciate my family and friends, a group of humans full of mirth and moxie, kindness, creativity, intelligence and heart! So, listen if you wish. Listen while knitting.





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