On being selected as a Martha Stewart American made finalist.

As we have shared many times, in the past few days here and on our Facebook page, we were chosen as finalists in the Martha Stewart American Made contest. We were delighted to have been chosen as a finalist and have been even more delighted by the support we have received from family, friends, customers and strangers!

To vote click on the American Made badge on our home page or this: http://www.marthastewart.com/americanmade/nominee/89032/crafts/lana-plantae-farmed-yarns

What does this actually mean and what would happen if we were fortunate enough to win?

Do we even dare dream of winning? Sure, why not. We do have a dream for growing our naturally dyed yarn/farm business and this win would be so amazing.

Firstly, we would like to process more wool, which would involve sourcing from other farms. We would like to even eventually branch out to sheep’s wool. If we could process in larger quantities we could cut mill costs and take on a few wholesale accounts. That would be great for us!!! Do we dare ever dream of being able to hire? More wool, more work, so that would be a possibility. Becoming a job creator would be wonderful.

Secondly,  we would like to grow more plant material and in order to do that we would need to put up a greenhouse. I have a horticulture degree and have worked for other greenhouse growers, so I have a familiarity and comfort with the knowledge base it takes. We would be able to grow lots of dye plants and have a longer harvest time. That would bring me joy!! Some of the plant material can be frozen for winter use! We would love to have a season end indigo harvest fest and open the doors to the public to increase awareness of natural dyes and the importance of local.

Thirdly, It would help spread our message of supporting local and sustainable. We want people to realize their clothing, like their food, can be local too, right down to the color.

Lastly, we would like to say, we won’t let you down if you vote for us. We will work tirelessly to grow our plant dyed yarn business.

Being one of the 10 American Made winners would mean a lot and would help get us to the next level!

We thank you all so much for your support!



 Alpaca dyed with farm grown plants: Goldenrod, bracken fern and Black Eyed Susan.


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