Farm Grown Color & Mycopigments Mushroom Dying Workshops

 Join us Saturday, August 9 and/or Sunday, August 10 and immerse yourself in the art and science of natural dyes.

???????????????????????????????   Mycopigments
Exploring Wild Mushroom Dyes of the Northeast –  Sunday, August 10 12-4

Regional Dye Palette
Every region has its own palette of mushroom and lichen dyes. This 4 hour class takes an in-depth look at using northeastern wild mushrooms and lichens as sustainable, safe dye sources. Starting with 10-12 different species, with the addition of safe mordants and pH modifiers, we end up with about 25 colors in all.

Wild Harvest
All of the dyes used are ethically harvested, dried, and weighed (with some fresh material if available). Students learn about mushroom safety, identification basics, habitats and ethical harvest. They receive a customized color guide to the best regional dye mushrooms and learn where to go for help with identification.

Working with Fiber
We will be working primarily with wool fiber. We will go over the steps to preparing fibers for the dye bath. This includes scouring, mordanting and how to avoid felting yarn. Yarn for class will be pre-mordanted to allow ample time to focus on the dyes; however we will add mordant directly to the community dye pot to demonstrate that technique as well.

Shibori Option
There will be a large dye pot for a small personal item (1-2oz wool or silk). If you’d like to dye a silk scarf, blank chiffon scarves will be available for purchase in class for $5-$10. The instructor will demonstrate a few dye resist techniques using pvc pipes, clamps, chopsticks, and or rubber bands.

Students will take home a detailed recipe card, showcasing the rainbow of samples dyed in class, as well as a procedural handout to guide future exploration, and the customized guide to local dye fungi mentioned above. This workshop covers all aspects of getting started with mushroom and lichen dyes and leaves the student with the tools to carry on their own exploration.
Instructor bio 
Alissa Allen has been experimenting with mushroom derived pigments for 15 years. Raised by a forager in the Pacific Northwest, she has been a student of the natural world her entire life. For the past two years she has traveled around the US; studying fungi and teaching workshops on regional mushroom dye palettes to fungophiles and fiber artists alike. Mushroom identification is her primary passion, but mycopigments are her obsession. In addition using mushrooms and lichens for dyes, she also uses their pigments to make paint. You can read more on her website   $85.00 To register and pay by check email us at or go directly to–

  IMG_0619   Farm Grown Color – A Natural Dye Workshop
August 9, 2014
Join us for the day and immerse yourself in the art and science of natural dyes. We will harvest from our dye garden, as well as utilize wild sourced plant material. 
Create beautiful, lasting, environmentally friendly colors. Taught by fiber and natural dye artisan Marcia MacDonald.
Marcia MacDonald of Long Plains Alpacas/Lana Plantae Yarns has been natural dying for about 11 years and raising alpacas for nearly 14 years. With a background in horticulture and landscape design, the use of plant material to dye alpaca harmoniously unites all of her passions. $85.00
Come have fun on the farm and start using natural dyes! To register and pay by check email us at or go directly to-

Take both workshops for $140.00 Email to pay by check or go to– We are located in Buxton, Maine about 20 minutes from Portland and the coast.


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