Wear something naturally dyed by a farmer!

But there is this great difference between the chemical commercial dyes and the traditional dyes – that with the commercial dyes it is very easy to produce ugly colors, the beautiful colour is rare; but with traditional dyes it is difficult  to make an ugly colour, and good colour is the rule. Ethel Mariet. 1916. Author- Vegetable Dyes.

The depth of color in natural dyes cannot be replicated by any chemical dyes. Wear something naturally dyed this year. Naturally dyed by a farmer! Make sure the natural fibers you purchase are US sourced!Synthetic dyes are coal tar based and toxic!


2 thoughts on “Wear something naturally dyed by a farmer!

    • No, not all mordants are safe— but when I use a mineral salt such as tin it is in very small amounts and the waste water is saved, not put in to the environment, because I reconstitute it as needed. I use food grade alum so that I can dump the water when the vat is exhausted. It is always the argument that natural dyes are just as toxic but they are not. With chemical dyes it is the fact that they are derived from coal tar and produced in factories that contribute to greenhouse gases and water pollution in a significant way. I know we can’t get rid of synthetic dyes but I hope there comes a time when natural dyes can be used more extensively— they are safer.


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