Our Own Alpaca Yarn Dyed Naturally With Cochineal And Madder Root


If it was all for me I would dye all of our alpaca wool with madder root. I am, well, mad for the oranges.

Colors can vary from deep russets to cantaloupes by altering strength of dye bath and mordants. Tin makes everything brighter— sometimes that is a good thing, but not always.

Did some pretty soft pinks with cochineal.

I am waiting on more yarn to arrive and am currently hand carding and natural dying outside. Have the first batch of goldenrod dyed alpaca currently hanging to dry.


11 thoughts on “Our Own Alpaca Yarn Dyed Naturally With Cochineal And Madder Root

      • Thanks for your quick reply. As you can see when you visited my website, I use a lot of colors, in fact, I blend various single plies together to get the colors I need. t would be fun to try some of your yarns in my next project. Do you have a color sample card?

        Knit tweaker


      • I haven’t ever done a sample card because I am such a small operation. I have done quite a bit of dying for others and can do lots of a color as long as I know what it is you are looking for. Usually I just have an idea of range of colors I want and dye small lots of 5 to 10 skeins at a time.


  1. Cool! Then you can tell my what color the feet on the chicks are. I am almost ready to put in the detail of their feet. The pics I found on the net are so varied in color it is hard to tell what color is most prominent.

    Knit tweaker


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